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Geoffrey Lefever - Work 021

My work is non-representational, however place is important for me in the making process. Nepal and the South of France have been such places and now I work for the most part out of doors with natural found tools and a limited range of materials in the North Norfolk landscape. The works are on paper or unprimed canvas with the history of the mark making evident beneath layers of fine open textured Indian paper.

I hope to be surprised by the outcome and at that stage to be uncertain exactly how the work had evolved.

I live and work in North Norfolk, and exhibit in London, Norfolk and and more widley in the UK, also in France.

My current works can be viewed and downloaded in the gallery. Shows and exhibitions past and present are listed on the exhibitions page. If you wish to get in touch please see my email details on the contact page.

Geofrey Lefever in his studio

Geoffrey Lefever in his studio

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